TUTORIAL: Half Pinwheel Bow Using 3" Ribbon

What You Need (Click for links):
3" Ribbon - 25 inches {we prefer grosgrain but satin also works for this tutorial}
3/8" Ribbon -  about 3 inches used to wrap center
8" Bow Template (we use the "No Bow No Go" TNT Template but you can easily make your own!)
Bow Centers or Embellishments (optional)
Clip of choice {french barrette, alligator clip, pony-o}
+ needle, thread, scissors, and 2 clips!
Let's get started!!

STEP ONE: Grab a template! For our 3" Half Pinwheels we like to use our 8" template. If you don't have one, you can make one by cutting out a piece of cardboard that is exactly 8 inches wide with a space cut in the exact center to allow for stitching.

STEP TWO: Thread your needle with plenty of length (I usually use a doubled strip of at least 25"-30" because I like having the extra to work with. Tie a knot at the end so both ends are now joined together. 
Set aside for later.

 STEP THREE: Take your 3" {approx. 25" in length} and position it face up with the left end over the bottom left corner of the template at a slight angle. Hold it in place with a small clip or clothespin so your hands are free for the next step!
STEP FOUR: Wrap ribbon around the right side of the template, behind, and back up at the left side maintaining the diagonal angle. Once you lay the ribbon over the top, you should find the other end at the top right of the template. Clip this piece in place! 
STEP FIVE: Starting at the bottom of the template, insert your needle from the front through to the back. Stitch in even increments through to the top of the template. When you get to your last stitch, make sure that it is facing out of the front/top. 
NOTE: I am no professional when it comes to stitching! Don't sweat it if your stitches aren't perfect! Your bow will be secure, I promise :) The more you make the better they get. After having made several more bows in this style I have learned even better ways to space out the stitching so just practice with it a bit.

Slide the ribbon off of the template and bring your needle and thread from the top {where your last stitch was complete} to the bottom where your knot is by going behind/underneath the ribbons. Feed the needle through the gap above the knot. 



STEP SEVEN: Grab the thread coming out of the ribbon at the top. When you pull them, you will be cinching up the ribbons. 

Once half of the bow is cinched, pull the slack in the thread from the bottom (where your knot is) and begin tightening & cinching from that end








Wrap the center of the bow a few times to ensure security. At the back of the bow, feed the needle through the thread at the center and tie a knot to secure & tie off the thread. I usually try and do at least 2 knots per bow just to be sure!



You're almost done!!

STEP NINE: Trim & heat seal the edges however you would like. For the tutorial I just did a diagonal cut however many people love the look of the v-cuts.

STEP TEN: Use your 3/8" ribbon to wrap the center of the bow and cover up your threads. Trim and secure the 3/8" ribbon to the back of the bow with hot glue. I like to glue on my clip of choice before I finish this step so that my 3/8" ribbon also wraps around the clip. If you are unsure of which clip style your customer would like, you can leave the 3/8" ends like this (and can clip them together with an alligator clip to keep them in place until you're ready to finish. 

Optional! Attach centerpieces to the middle for that extra special touch! {We have lots to choose from in our shop and also accept custom requests}

You're DONE!!

I hope this tutorial helped to give you some bow-spiration!! Like I mentioned, I am not perfect and the more I make the better I feel they turn out. If you enjoyed this tutorial, please leave a comment & feel free to share on Facebook or pin to your Pinterest boards for safe-keeping!! 

Still reading?? Okay, well I will just leave this here for you...

Try using printed ribbons from the shop to make your bows extra fun! You can purchase this 3" Glittered Pineapple ribbon HERE!

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